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Women's sunglasses Duppau Aruba with gradient brown
49,99 € / pcs

Women's sunglasses with gradient colour - Brown  

Women's sunglasses Duppau Bali with gradient grey/brown
49,99 € / pcs

Women's sunglasses with gradient colour - Grey/Blue  

polarized Women's sunglasses Duppau Barbados cate eye grey
49,99 € / pcs

Polarized women's sunglasses with gradient colour purple/pink  

Women's sunglasses Duppau Cannes Cat Eye black with golden details
54,99 € / pcs

Black women's sunglasses with cat eye shape and gold details  

Women's sunglasses Duppau Culebra with gradient grey/pink
54,99 € / pcs

Women's sunglasses with gradient colour - Grey/Pink  

Women's sunglasses Duppau Dominica havana brown wayfarer shape
49 € / pcs

Women's sunglasses, havana brown, wayfarer shape  

Rectangular men's sunglasses Duppau Faial in havana grey
49 € / pcs

Rectangular women's / men's sunglasses, grey  

polarized Women's sunglasses Duppau Grenada cat eye black
59 € / pcs

Polarized women's sunglasses with gradient colour black/purple  

Duppau Chicago polarized sunglasses black with black lenses
44,95 € / pcs

Black Women's / Men's Sunglasses, polarized, black lenses

Men's/Women's Pilot sunglasses Duppau Jaipur grey
49,95 € / pcs

Grey Pilot sunglasses with polarizing filter and grey lenses

Men's/Women's Pilot sunglasses Duppau Jakarta gold/brown
49,95 € / pcs

Gold Pilot sunglasses with polarizing filter and brown lenses  

rectangular men's sunglasses Duppau Korfu havana yellow with green lenses
49 € / pcs

Rectangular women's / men's sunglasses, yellow-black pattern, green lenses  

polarized sunglasses Duppau Kyoto with brown lenses is suitable for men and women
44,95 € / pcs

Women's / Men's Sunglasses, polarized, brown lenses  

Women's sunglasses Duppau Malta black wayfarer shape
49 € / pcs

Women's sunglasses, black with golden details, wayfarer shape  

Men's/Women's Pilot sunglasses Duppau Maui gold
49,95 € / pcs

Gold Pilot sunglasses with polarizing filter and blue/green lenses  

Men's sunglasses Duppau Miami Pilot gold with green lenses
52,95 € / pcs

Mens frameless Pilot sunglasses with polarizing filter, green lenses  

Men's/Women's Pilot sunglasses Duppau Mumbai black
49,95 € / pcs

Black Pilot sunglasses with polarizing filter and black lenses  

Women's sunglasses Duppau Nauru pink transparent
49 € / pcs

Women's sunglasses, pink transparent, wayfarer shape  

Women's cat eye sunglasses Duppau Nizza green
64,95 € / pcs

Green women's sunglasses with cat eye shape, patterned  

blue sunglasses Duppau OSLO with black polarized lenses
44,95 € / pcs

Blue Women's / Men's Sunglasses, polarized, black lenses  

Square orange sunglasses Duppau Palau for men and women
59 € / pcs

Square men / women sunglasses, transparent, orange

Women's sunglasses Duppau Samoa wine red wayfarer style
49 € / pcs

Red Women's sunglasses with brown lenses, wayfarer shape

Men's sunglasses Duppau Santiago Pilot black
52,95 € / pcs

Mens Frameless Pilot Sunglasses with Polarizing Filter, Grey Lenses

Men's/Women's Pilot sunglasses Duppau Santorin silver/blue
49,95 € / pcs

Silver Pilot sunglasses with polarizing filter and blue lenses

Men's/Women's Pilot sunglasses Duppau Sydney silver
49,95 € / pcs

Silver Pilot sunglasses with polarizing filter and silver lenses  

grey polarized Women's sunglasses Duppau Trinidad cat eye style
59 € / pcs

Polarized women's sunglasses with gradient colour purple/salmon  

Square brown sunglasses Duppau Tuvalu for men and women
59 € / pcs

Square men / women sunglasses, Havana brown

polarized sunglasses Duppau Vancouver with green lenses is suitable for both men and women
44,95 € / pcs

Black Women's / Men's Sunglasses, polarized, green lenses  

Black square sunglasses Duppau Vanuatu suits men and women
59 € / pcs

Square men / women sunglasses, black


Duppau sunglasses offer style and protection

Whether it's classics like aviator sunglasses or trendy designer pieces like celebrities wear, at Duppau you'll find a great selection of attractive sunglasses for men and women made of plastic, acetate and metal at great prices.

Of course, all Duppau sunglasses have a UV 400 filter that blocks UV rays up to 400 nanometers wavelength. Your eyes are 100% protected from UV rays. This protection is not only important in summer and spring, but also in autumn and winter. Just as our skin can be damaged without sunscreen, the retina of our eyes can be damaged without sunglasses. It's also worth taking a look at the lenses of sunglasses.

Polarized sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses have an additional anti-glare protection. Through a special filter they absorb reflections of the light. This gives you a good and high-contrast view without annoying glare. Especially car drivers, water sports enthusiasts, anglers and skiers rely on sunglasses with polarized lenses.

Sunglasses with mirrored lenses

Mirrored sunglasses are always a great eye-catcher. One also speaks of a refinement of the lenses. The mirroring has mainly an aesthetic benefit. These sunglasses give a stylish and cool look. But they also provide extra privacy from prying eyes.

Gradient lenses

Glasses with a gradient tint are very fashionable. They are darker on top and get lighter towards the bottom. They come in different colors and variations. It is also possible to combine two colors. The advantage of these gradient sunglasses is that they cover all light conditions. The light coming from above is well absorbed and you are perfectly protected from glare. Through the lighter lower glass zone you have an undistorted visual impression downwards, for example on the street or when reading a book.


Which material should I choose for my sunglasses?

In our online store you will find the most common frame materials for sunglasses: Plastic, acetate and metal. But we also have a very special material in stock for you: wood. All materials have their own characteristics and advantages.

Plastic sunglasses offer a wide range of design possibilities. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. They also offer variety in terms of frame shape. From wayfarers, cat-eyes to rectangular models, our range has it all. Duppau sunglasses made of plastic are lightweight and durable. Therefore, mainly sporty models are made of this material. But also extravagant and trendy sunglasses make use of these properties. Transparent, translucent frames, floral or tortoise shell patterns are possible thanks to the plastic. The use of recycled plastic, for example from PET bottles, guarantees that the ecological footprint is kept as low as possible.

In our assortment you will also find sunglasses made of metal. Duppau metal sunglasses are characterized by their long life. They are very robust and unbreakable. Furthermore, these sunglasses are largely scratch resistant. Thanks to metal, very light and delicate frame frames are possible. The look of these sunglasses ranges from classic, cool to elegant, depending on the model. The classic among sunglasses - the aviator glasses / pilot glasses, for example, is made of this material.

For allergy sufferers and nature lovers, we also have sustainable sunglasses made from the natural raw material wood and bamboo. Duppau wooden sunglasses are handmade and each model is unique thanks to its individual grain.


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If you prefer more sustainable, check out our range of sunglasses made of wood. Wooden sunglasses are not only environmentally friendly, but also trendy.