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Women's handbag Duppau Linda, shopper, black
54 € / pcs

Women's handbag (Shopper), black  

Women's handbag Duppau Lara, shopper, red
75 € / pcs

Women's handbag (Shopper), red  

Women's handbag Duppau Jade, shopper, green
75 € / pcs

Women's handbag (Shopper), green  

Elegant women's Hanbag Shopper Duppau Lea Brown
79 € / pcs

Women's shopper bag (tote bag), light brown  

Elegant Women´s Hanbag Tote Bag Duppau Ela Big Brown
69 € / pcs

Women's shopper bag (tote bag), dark brown  

Elegant Women´s Hanbag Shopper Duppau Iva Big Red
65 € / pcs

Women's shopper bag (tote bag), red

Women's Handbag Duppau Mia Big Crossbody Grey
79 € / pcs

Women's handbag, crossbody, grey

Women's Handbag Duppau Fee Crossbody Green Big
79 € / pcs

Women's handbag, crossbody, green

Women's Handbag Duppau Kim Big Crossbody Brown
79 € / pcs

Women's handbag, crossbody, dark brown

Women´s Handbag Duppau Fee Crossbody Red
79 € / pcs

Women's handbag, crossbody, red

Women's Handbag Shopper Duppau Liv Black
79 € / pcs

Women's shopper bag (tote bag), black

Elegant women´s Hanbag Shopper Duppau Lou Big Red
79 € / pcs

Women's shopper bag (tote bag), red

Elegant Women´s Hanbag Shopper Duppau Zoe Big Brown
79 € / pcs

Women's shopper bag (tote bag), dark brown  

Women's shopper bag Duppau Silvia light brown has a pocket on the back
79 € / pcs

Women's shopper bag (tote bag), light brown  

women shopper handbag sina black
59 € / pcs

Women's shopper bag (tote bag), black  

Women's Shopper Handbag Duppau Trixi Burgundy Red with Strap
79 € / pcs

Women's shopper bag (tote bag), red

Women's Shopper Handbag Duppau Maron Dark Brown
79 € / pcs

Women's shopper bag (tote bag), dark brown

Women's handbag Duppau Kate, hobo, grey
79 € / pcs

Modern Women's handbag (Hobo), grey

Women's Hobo Handbag Duppau Hedy Light Brown
79 € / pcs

Modern Women's handbag (Hobo), light brown

women s handbag duppau feli blue
79 € / pcs

Modern Women's handbag (Hobo), blue

Women's Hanbag Hobo Duppau Grace Red
59 € / pcs

Modern Women's handbag (Hobo), red

Women's handbag Duppau Elin, hobo, black
79 € / pcs

Modern Women's handbag (Hobo), black

Women's Duppau Nora handbag with rivets and a decorative tassel
79 € / pcs

Women's shopper handbag (tote bag) with rivets and tassel, dark brown  

Women's Duppau Fiona handbag with rivets and a decorative tassel
59 € / pcs

Women's shopper handbag (tote bag) with rivets and tassel, blue  

Women's Duppau Nina handbag with rivets and a decorative tassel
59 € / pcs

Women's shopper handbag (tote bag) with rivets and tassel, light brown


Buy ladies handbags online

Handbags are the most important companions of every woman. Whether to work, shopping, to the cinema and theater, to the party or dinner, the bag must always go. It should provide space for all necessary things, such as wallet, keys, makeup bag. In addition to functionality, of course, the appearance is also important. It should be beautiful, fit the rest of the styling and underline the personality of its wearer.

Therefore, we have a variety of ladies handbags in different shapes and colors. Also the trends 2022 are included. Especially green and red handbags are very trendy right now. No matter which model you choose, all Duppau handbags shine with modern design and the high-quality processing of vegan leather.


Leather handbags Duppau: Vegan leather as an alternative to real leather

Our handbags are 100% vegan. We rely on artificial leather made of polyurethane (PU).

PU leather is an innovative material that has many advantages. It does not stain, is more robust and resistant than real leather. It is lightweight and breathable. It is easy to clean and cheaper than real leatherWith our handbags, you don't have to worry about them looking inferior or like fake, like some other faux leather handbag manufacturers. For Duppau handbags, we only use high quality materials that are processed using the latest technologies and processes. The result is a vegan ladies handbag that is indistinguishable from a genuine leather handbag.

Our PU handbags are also more environmentally friendly and sustainable. This is because they contain no toxins and the polyurethane is recyclable, unlike traditional plastic. The use of recycled polyurethane and recycled polyester reduces waste and thus protects the environment.

The production of traditional PU leather uses solvents that are harmful to nature and humans. Thanks to innovative water-based manufacturing processes, these hazardous substances can be avoided. Water-based polyurethane is more environmentally friendly. It uses less energy (estimated at 50% less) and water (estimated at 95% less), and CO2 emissions are also about 55% lower than traditional production methods.

If sustainability is important to you, you can reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing a Duppau handbag made from vegan leather.


Shopper bags and tote bags: large handbags for city strolls and work

An absolute must-have for all bag lovers is the shopper bag. The name says it all. A handbag with extra storage space for extensive shopping trips. Comfortable to carry as a shoulder bag with two handles. Our Duppau shopper bags are available in different designs and colors, so there is something for every taste. Only for shopping these handbags are almost too bad. Also in the office you will certainly reap one or the other admiring look.

Advantage of our shopper is that all models can be closed with a zipper. Some bag models have an additional detachable strap and you can thus comfortably wear them over the body.

Shopper bags today are often called tote bags. From the simple tote bag made of fabric with two handles, the tote bag has become a real it-piece that is indispensable in the fashion world. Besides fabric, they are now available in other materials. Made of vegan leather in modern designs, our Tote Bags adorn the wearer in everyday life and in the office.


Crossbody bag: Practical all-round talent

A real all-round talent among women's handbags is the crossbody bag. Whether as a large or small shoulder bag, with a crossbody you always have both hands free. These ladies handbags have a long strap and can be worn either over the shoulder or across the body. A crossbody is the perfect choice for women who like to be practical. Boring? Not with our crossbody bags from Duppau. Modern colors and styles add variety to your wardrobe.


Hobo bags: The most casual bag among handbags

The most casual shoulder bag among the handbags is the hobo bag. Characteristic of this bag model is a strap and the soft material, making the bag flexible in shape and pleasant to the body when worn. Duppau hobo bags convince with their size and design. They are perfect as everyday companions and look super casual with jeans and shirt.