How Did It Begin

After years of working for a corporate company, I began to perceive the need for greater self-realization. I looked around for inspiration. Nature became the biggest inspiration for me. I have seen a bright future in renewables and sustainable materials. The first choice fell on wood products. I decided to start the Duppau brand, which we are building and expanding together with my partner. We started by offering wooden sunglasses and over time, wooden watches were added.

Kamil Ali CEO Duppau

- Kamil Ali, founder and CEO -

Expanding the Brand with a New Product Range

We love accessories. They are practical, decorate the wearer and make an outfit really complete. That's why we've added more fashion accessories to our range. In addition to wooden watches and glasses, you can now also find classic watches and sunglasses. Let yourself be inspired by our handbags, backpacks, wallets and cosmetic bags made of vegan leather.

The Brand Name as a Tribute to a Vanished Place

The inspiration for the brand name became the disappeared town Doupov (in German: Duppau), where my maternal ancestors had lived. The town was located in the Doupov Mountains, not far from Carlsbad in Czech Republic.

Painting "Square in Duppau" by Painter Antonín Lewý (1845 - 1897)


Panoramic Postcards of Duppau from the Bavarian State Archives

In this beautiful landscape, people subsisted on agriculture but also handicrafts that were well known in the area. After World War II and the subsequent expulsion of the Sudeten German population, the city was left to decay.

Since 1953, Duppau and its surroundings have become Military Training Area Hradištěwhich is still used today. Exercises are regularly carried out there by NATO Forces, among others.

The brand name Duppau is a tribute to this vanished place.